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Social Stream 2.0 is getting closer. Version 2.0 comes with a complete re-design of the views by Crispín Avis.

We have made an extensive use of Bootstrap and Sass, letting developers to fully change the appearance of the website without changing the views. Furthermore, the custom theme is responsive, facilitating access from any type of device.

We are currently focused on freezing the APIs (views, CSS and Javascript) to release after Easter week.


6 Responses to “Leading to 2.0”
  1. atd

    It will depend on how much you have changed the views. The database migration should be easy, but Social Stream 2.0 comes with a complete refactorization of the views in order to establish a robust API.

    So if your views are coupled with the ones in Social Stream 1.0, it will be hard. If you have changed little details or everything, it should be easy!

  2. seriakillaz

    We are just starting a new project on top of SocialStream and we would like to start it early next week. Do you think we can start it by using the master branch if the 2.0-stable will not be released by then?


  3. atd

    We just plan to release 2.0 next week! It should be safe to start your project using the master branch and then switching to the gem


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