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Social Stream 1.0 was just released. But we are not slowing down! Very exciting things are waiting for Social Stream in 2013. This is a summary on what we expect this year.

Bootstrap and Sass

As the ViSH experience has shown, Social Stream provided much of the functionality to ViSH, mostly in models and controllers. However, the views did not reached the same reuse level. This is primary due to the ViSH built on the top of Bootstrap. We are currently working on a Bootstrap + Sass version that will bring Social Stream with all the goodies from a powerful framework like Bootstrap, and object oriented CSS.

Theming Social Stream is going to be easier and more straightforward.


Carolina García, who built Placedonia in her Master thesis, is now working on a quite promising  project that will bring places support to Social Stream. Besides, we will work on improving some aspects of the core, such as the way likes are managed.


OAuth 2

Besides, Social Stream is used in the Fi-WARE projectthe cornerstone of the Future Internet Public Private Partnership (PPP) Programme, a joint action by the European Industry and the European Commission. This will bring OAuth 2 provider support to Social Stream in the next days.

Stay tuned!



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