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Social Stream is proud to announce its collaboration with the study: Governance and Collaboration in Free and Open Source Software Projects.

This study is conducted by a project team at LMU Munich, Germany, and ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Open Source Software Projects are interesting forms of organizations that rely on informal hierarchies (or no hierarchies at all). Furthermore, they mostly rely on electronic communication means, limiting the context that can be transmitted in communication (cf media richness theory). Lastly, they rely on voluntary contributions, which prevents conventional organizational mechanisms from working (essentially strong forms of control and punishment do not work). It is therefore of utmost interest to management scholars to learn about the mechanisms facilitating the mobilization of resources, and leaders means to coordinate and control without having any formal power.

In our research, we examine the following questions:

  • How are Free and Open Source Software Projects governed and coordinated?
  • What mechanisms are employed to guide effective collaboration?
  • How are contributors recruited?

We are looking forward to hearing about the results!

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