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Context awareness is an important component for security & privacy in online social networks.

This is one of the lessons learned by Antonio Tapiador, lead developer of Social Stream who is currently in the middle of a 3 months-long research stay at KULeuven, Belgium. He was invited to participate in the Flanders’ government founded SPION project

The main objective of the SPION project is to mitigate the responsibilization of individuals who use or are affected by social networking services by making the underlying social networking infrastructures and the organizations that run them more accountable.

This minor version of Social Stream includes improvements for better audience awareness in the activities timeline. Two different icons show users if an activity was shared with everyone in the internet, or just with a restricted list of contacts. Furthermore, users are able to see who those contacts are.

Along with this UX improvement, this release simplifies the database schema. It gets rid of the Channel model, which turned out to be a bad idea. More lessons learned here.

Finally, the wall query has been improved and simplified

Do not forget to run rake social_stream:migrations:update while upgrading!


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