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Social Stream continues to evolve along with the Virtual Science Hub (ViSH). New features in 0.25 are driven primary from the requirements of that final application. This is a brief summary of them…

Follow relation model

This version of Social Stream introduces a simplified relation model between actors. Just like Twitter, you can configure your application so users and groups can follow themselves, trimming the support for custom relations and permissions.. In this mode, all post are public.

To activate it just say add to your config/initializers/social_stream.rb

config.relation_model = :follow

Channels to actions

ActivityObject’s author, user_author and owner are now transferred to ActivityActions. You will need to migrate your database:

rake social_stream:migrations update
rake db:migrate

Flattened migrations

In order to speed things and remove obsolete code, Social Stream migrations will be flattened every 5 minor versions. You do not need to worry about that, unless you have a version more than 6 minor numbers old. Check the wiki for details.

Documents JSON API

Rafael has been working in the JSON API for documents, which will be used in the ViSH Editor but can be used by other applications as well.

MP4 video support

Raquel has added mp4 conversion support for videos. This way, Social Stream videos are fully HTML5-compatible. You may want to regenerate your existing archived videos running:

rake paperclip:refresh:thumbnails CLASS=Video 

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