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Social Stream 0.24 comes on the heels of the early versions of the Virtual Science Hub, a social network for exploring science. This is the first project that benefits of the full potencial of Social Stream as a core for building social network websites.

The ViSH will be available very soon. In the meanwhile, Social Stream 0.24 brings the following new features:

  • pogermano translated Social Stream Base to Portuguese
  • The toolbar (the bar in the left side of the screen) has been refactorized. This makes easier for Social Stream components or the final application extending them or the items in the menu.
  • The new model ActivityAction was created. This makes easier tracking actions from Actors (users, groups) to activity objects like follow or likes.
  • The first application of ActivityAction is the ability for users to annotate events from other users in their own calendar.

Do not forget to run rake social_stream:migrations:update to add the new migrations to your application!

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