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This minor release of Social Stream comes with enhanced Presence features.

First of all, the new Social Stream Presence scripts support multi-domains in synchronization between the HTTP and XMPP server. If you use the presence gen, you must run rake presence:install:xmpp_server to update the scripts.

But the most notable feature is support for videoconferences. Social Stream Presence now uses Opentok. Just add your api key and secret to the initializer and your users will enjoy video-chat. You can give it a try at Social Stream’s demo site.

2 Responses to “Social Stream 0.22, videoconference support”
  1. Arthur

    Can I ask is OpenTok free?

    What I wanna use it is a broadcasting or Talk Shows

    If it’s not free. does I have any other options?


  2. atd

    Hi Arthur,

    At the time we did the set up, it was free as free beer, but not as free speech.

    You can check it out in their webpage.

    If you use other solution, please let us know.


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