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We are working hard to get a stable version withing the next weeks. The goal is freezing the basic functionality and the database schema, so other applications can be built on the top of Social Stream.

There are a lot of features in 0.4.0 to 0.4.3, the last gem version. Some of there are:

  • Support for private messages is stable now. It is based in the Mailboxer gem by Roendal.
  • Awesome support for Avatars by Jaime. Cropping is pretty nice
  • Distributed social networking and oStatus support has been split to social2social. Víctor is working on Pubsubhubbub support
  • Aldo is finishing contact creation and edition. The contact type edit part is the only big feature missing for the stable release.
  • A huge CSS refactorization and clean up by Diego.
  • A lot of polishing and plumbering by Antonio.

You can try current version of Social Stream at the demo site:

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