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After some break because of Christmas vacation, we are releasing a new version of Social Stream!

This version brings two important features, asymmetric relations and representation.

Asymmetric relations

A known problem in many social networks is reciprocity. Human relations are asymmetric. For example, I consider some people as a reference in the Rails world, but they don’t. Okay, this is solved by the follower relation, you may think. Yes it is. But sometimes you want to return contacts using you own classification, rather than being constrained to the word defined by the application, like Facebook’s friend.

Social Stream lets actors to define their own relations. Ties can be return back, but not necessarily with the same relation name and permissions.


The other cool feature is representation. Users can change context and act as other actor, like groups. Thus, the user can establish ties and create activities as if he was the group itself. It should also work with other users and any kind of actors.

The database schema has change. Do not forget to reload the schema if you are upgrading. Database schema will be unstable until 1.0 version.

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